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licorice powder

The color is Yellowish brown and it has a strong taste and flavor of licorice. Also the size per mesh is between 80 to 150 microns. We pour the licorice extract powder into nylon, then seal and pack it in composite bags with a net weight of 25 Kgs.

solid licorice blocks

The taste and flavor is strong and also the color is brownish black. The concentrated extract is poured into the molds requested by the customer which is usually 5 Kgs and then it is packed in cartons in net weight of 25 Kgs.

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licorice paste

Some factories prefer to use licorice extract paste. It is soft and also mostly used in the tobacco industry & food stuff.

licorice roots powder

The powder is without any mud. It has several uses such as Tea bag, Herbal Tea & other specific uses.

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licorice nuggets

The taste and flavor is strong and also the color is brownish black. The licorice extract nuggets are the small sizes of Licorice extract blocks. Some factories require smaller pieces of solid (Blocks) licorice extract and this is the why that we produce Licorice extract nuggets.

licorice granules

Is a product that has the ability to dissolve quickly in hot water. The mesh size is 0.5 to 2 mm. The taste and flavor is super strong and the color is dark brownish black. The Licorice Extract Granules is packed in net weight of 25 Kgs.

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licorice roots

It is a self-growing plant which is known as Glycyrrhiza glabra. The routine sizes of licorice roots are 10, 15 and 20 cm. We produce all kinds of licorice roots base on customers request such as cutting roots, grinded roots and etc.


It is one of the types of licorice roots. The roots are ground at this stage after selection, cleaning and drying.

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